Achieving simplicity & quality in your designs

Simplicity and quality are two words which one would think is easy to obtain or achieve in almost any business. Or you may actually believe that it is not easy at all and is highly dependent on what industry the company is in. Whatever you may believe, achieving success in a business venture and have the words simplicity and quality describing the design can be really difficult. But what are obstacles for if not to be overcome? Here below are som tips on how you can achieve simplicity and quality in your designs.

Maintaining clarity in your designs

One thing you have do to is remind yourself who you are designing the product for. Is it laymen or professionals? What experience does your target group have with similar products? Your product should be easy to use, because if you have a difficult one people will abandon it for an easier alternative. One company which have realized simplicity and quality in their designs is Wing Plast AB which produces medical instruments. These products are produced to assist in solving difficult problems, however they are still able to maintain an intuitive, simple and qualitative design.

Limit the amount of options

Another thing which is important is to limit the amount of available options for the user of your product. There should not be so many different things that the user of your product can do with it. Be clear and inform the user this information through the design of your product. Because there is nothing more infuriating when you have to read long product descriptions or search for information to use the product or service.

Incorporate automation

A lot of people have a tendency to automate certain tasks in their daily life, whether it is not actively thinking when driving your normal route to work or when interacting with products. The toaster is a great example when there a very few options that does not require very much conscious awareness to operate. The process is in other words automated. Perhaps your product or service is not supposed to automate the users interaction with it, it is however valuable to have this in mind when designing your products and services.

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