5 Creative Ways You Can Use QR Codes In Your Company

QR codes are just getting more and more popular, but are you aware of their power and the many possibilities they open up for you and your company?

It wasn’t long ago people were complaining that barcodes are something to be afraid of, a manipulation tactic, or a monitoring device. Well, we can’t argue with those powers, but we are sure of one thing: used properly, QR codes can actually bring you many benefits, because it’s a connection between a destination and basically everything else. With QR codes you can create a lot of things and you can bring visitors to your site from everywhere, including offline venues.

5 ways of using QR codes that will help your business:

1. Marketing a product

Your company can generate a QR code for each product and add it on the label. From there, people who scan the code will be redirected to informations related to the product. For example, if your company sells an ingredient, you  can use the QR code to educate them in regards with how they can use it or to an online recipe!

2. Ask for reviews

You can easily collect reviews with QR codes connected to the review system you use.

3. E-Commerce

Online shops can use QR codes in numerous ways. You can use it to collect product reviews, reviews of your site or to get creative and ask them to join a campaign.

4. Advertising campaigns

use qr codesYou may say it’s easier to ask your users to register for a campaign with a link, but if you use a QR code offline, let’s say in the metro station, you can make really creative, targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. Let’s say you sit in the airplane on your way to vacation, you open the airline’s magazine and see an ad with a QR code from a brand that sells comfortable sustainable airplane pillows to make your flight better. Very likely to convert you into a buyer, right?

5. Discount codes

If your brand is already known, QR codes are a fun way to lead clients to discount codes from both online and offline.


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