The great benefits of the modul system

About a week ago I spoke with my friend from Sweden. We met on an exchange many years ago, but we still speak to each other consistently and even visit each other every once in a while. We are both a bit nerdy really, so we oftentimes speak about the most peculiar things. Last week for example my friend introduced me to this thing called modul system. Her husband is in the construction business and recently they implemented these modul systems into their vans at work. I honestly had no idea such things existed! To summarize briefly, the modul system is like interior, but for vans and service cars. How clever is that? They consist of both shelves and drawers and can be built quite big, but they also exist in a smaller format.  My friend told me that they are an immense help for the workers to keep all their tools and bits and bobs in place while traveling in the van. I actually found it rather trendy and progressive and couldn’t help but wonder if there’s something similar here in the UK. My brother’s wife is also in the construction business so I’m considering discussing the matter with her later on. Maybe I should bring it up at the dinner table here at home too? I mean who wouldn’t love to keep everything in order in the car? All jokes aside though, I think it’s a marvellous invention. Down below I’ll list some great benefits and areas of use with the modul system.


  1. The modul system can not only be used for many different areas, it can also be used by many different car brands. The wide range of brands vary from Dacia, Fiat and Ford to brands such as Toyota, Nissan and Mercedez-Benz, along with many other!


  1. By using car interior, the process of finding tools becomes much easier for the workers. They save time by not having to search for the tools, while at the same time they make a much better impression on their customers. Nothing says unprofessional more than chaos, right?


  1. The all over environment in the car gets better. One mustn’t forget that the environment for the workers is extremely important. By keeping all the tools neatly in place, the car or van will appear cleaner which increases the feeling of well-being.

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